Spanish Immersion Programme – Salamanca

Applications for 2018 have closed

The Spanish Immersion Programme – Salamanca offers teachers of Spanish the opportunity to improve their Spanish language and cultural understanding with a 2 week immersion trip to Salamanca, Spain.

The course consists of 40 hours of Spanish Language and Culture classes and a homestay experience. 

ILEP provides this language and culture immersion programme to Spain in partnership with the University of Salamanca.



Programme dates: 9-20 July 2018

Application deadline: 23 February 2018, 5pm

Teacher Experiences

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I have taken back many memories and have been inspired to adopt my learnings and experience into my own classes to enrich the learning of my students.

Chris Oversluizen


New sayings, gestures, and cultural experiences, not to mention the teaching methods of grammar and vocabulary at my fingertips.

Anna Henderson


My tutors were amazing and inspiring. It was so interesting to be on the other side of the classroom, as the learner, taking part in tasks, games, writing essays and even taking exams!

Vicky Mottart

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I have returned feeling refreshed, energised and even more passionate about teaching and learning Spanish. 

Karen Livingston




Cristóbal Gutiérrez Carrera, National Spanish Adviser:

Danielle Kerchmar, Project Coordinator: