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Teachers of Spanish in New Zealand may benefit from the professional support offered by the following organisations:


Spanish Teachers’ Association New Zealand Aotearoa (STANZA)

STANZA is a subject association which provides support for teachers and students of Spanish in New Zealand. Visit


ELENZA list serve

This email group for teachers of Spanish is an excellent source of information and resources. It is also the primary medium through which organisations advertise opportunities, scholarships, grants and other important information for teachers and students. To register, email the Spanish National Adviser


New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT)

NZALT is a professional network of language teachers with over 500 members. It runs a number of initiatives designed to support teachers in the classroom including competitions and professional development opportunities. To join NZALT visit


Embassy of Spain


Spanish National Adviser

The Spanish National Adviser provides teachers with information on teaching resources and sustaining Spanish language programmes.


Digital library

ELEO is the digital library that the MECD makes available to Spanish teachers and users of its 50 Educational Resource Centres abroad.

Who can use it?

Teachers in New Zealand teaching Spanish at all levels and Spanish language assistants

How can you use it? 

Register by following these instructions.


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Biblioteca Letras Latinas   

Letras Latinas Community Library, the only Spanish and Portuguese library in New Zealand, holds over 6.300 volumes, including 1.300 for children and young people. Information and catalogue can be sent upon request.


Letras Latinas also organise music and cultural events, book presentations with their authors, readings and intercultural conferences among others.


TKI Learning Languages

The Learning Languages Community is a portal to professional learning opportunities, professional support for the New Zealand Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, resources and key links for language teachers. Learning Languages publishes regular newsletters to keep language teachers informed about important deadlines and events.



RedEle (red electrónica de didáctica del español como lengua extranjera)

RedEle is a public resource that the Ministry of Education of Spain offers to teachers interested in teaching and learning Spanish worldwide.


Immersion and scholarship opportunities are available to teachers of Spanish:

Scholarships at Spanish Universities


Spanish Immersion Programmes

A scholarship is currently available to New Zealand teachers of Spanish through Future Learning Solutions to Salamanca, Spain.

As part of the scholarship, teachers of Spanish participate in a two-week course on language enrichment, methodology, culture and special topics at a Spanish University. Contact the Spanish National Adviser for more information. Find out about the Salamanca Programme here.


English Language Assistantships in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Education offers positions to New Zealanders to work as English Language Assistants for a school year. Read more.