National Japanese Adviser

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Dr Kyoko Mikami

M:+64 27 552 0298

Kyoko Mikami is the National Language Adviser for Japanese. She arrived in New Zealand in January 2017 and Kyoko is a member of the Centre for Languages team and also has close working relations with the Japanese Embassy and Consulate-General.

Kyoko has worked for many years not only as a language teacher but also as a teacher trainer in Japan, Czech Republic and Indonesia. She has written several textbooks for students as well as a guidebook for language teachers. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and knowledge of Japanese language, culture and education with teachers in New Zealand.

Kyoko’s role is to support the development of Japanese language education in New Zealand. Kyoko focus is on offering:

  • Workshops, courses on teaching materials, resources and pedagogy that promote intercultural communicative language teaching in Japanese
  • Supporting schools with advice and guidance on establishing and sustaining Japanese language programmes 
  • Information on networking opportunities for teachers of Japanese
  • Advice and guidance on immersion opportunities, scholarships and professional learning opportunities both in New Zealand and abroad
  • Participating in academic and cultural events, such as speech competitions
Professional Organisations
Resources & Support

Teachers of Japanese in New Zealand may benefit from the professional support offered by the following organisations:


New Zealand Association of Japanese Language Teachers (NZAJLT)

A subject association supporting teachers and students of Japanese in New Zealand.
Find out more >


NZJ-Net list serve

This email group for teachers of Japanese is an excellent source of information and resources. It is also the primary medium through which organisations advertise opportunities, scholarships, grants and other important information for teachers and students. To register, send an email to


New Zealand Association of Language Teachers (NZALT)

A professional network of language teachers with over 500 members. It runs a number of initiatives designed to support teachers in the classroom including competitions and professional development opportunities. 
Find out more >


Embassy of Japan

Important information about Japanese culture and education can be found on the Embassy’s website. The website includes information about scholarships, education programmes and resources for students and teachers. Find out more >


Sasakawa Fellowship Fund for Japanese Language Education

This fund initiates and supports existing projects which enhance Japanese language learning and Japanese studies in New Zealand schools and tertiary institutions. Find out more >


Asia New Zealand Foundation

A leading non-government organisation on Asia-New Zealand relations, the Asia New Zealand Foundation’s education programme provides information, resources and professional development opportunities to help school leaders develop students with the skills and knowledge they will need to embrace future prospects in Asia. Visit

TKI Learning Languages

The Learning Languages Community is a portal to professional learning opportunities, professional support for the New Zealand Curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, resources and key links for language teachers. Learning Languages publishes regular newsletters to keep language teachers informed about important deadlines and events. Find out more >

The Japan Information and Cultural Centre

Run by the Embassy of Japan and provides a variety of free informational services on Japan and offers opportunities to learn about Japanese culture through diverse programmes. Find out more >