Programme Dates

GROW 9 - Open inquiry-based programme

Workshop 1

Ellis and Inquiry

Tuesday 25 February



Workshop 2

Content specific to cluster

Tuesday 10 March


Workshop 3

Planning, sustainability & effective resources

Thursday 11 June


Workshop 4

Content specific to cluster

Monday 3 August


Workshop 5

Choice Board

Monday 14 September


Workshop 6

Inquiry Presentation

Monday 9 November


This GROW cluster will help you use the teaching as inquiry model as the vaka to investigate innovative ways to explore a specific problem of practice.  

You will develop confidence to implement effective language programmes in line with NZC expectations and gain a deeper understanding and application of key principles of differentiation. 

Future Learning Solutions' Professional Experts will provide in-school support to teachers in the Grow programme. This will be through in-class observation and post observation discussion. Minimum of one observation and discussion per teacher, per programme.


Apply for a place on GROW 9 - Open inquiry-based programme: