Programme Dates

GROW 6 - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Workshop 1

Why CLIL + ICLT Ellis + Inquiry focus

Mon 2 March


Workshop 2

Q & A Feedback on implementation

Tues 7 April

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 3

Planning a unit

Tuesday 12 May


Workshop 4 

Taking the inquiry progress & feedback on implementation

Thurs 18 June

3.30-5.00pm - Online

Workshop 5 

CLIL Magazine Choice Board

Mon 3 August


Workshop 6 

Inquiry Presentations

Thurs 10 September

3.30-5.00pm - Online

CLIL is one of the pedagogy of language immersion teaching methods. It is a way of approaching foreign language instruction subtly through subject-oriented teaching.  

In CLIL often the topic is the focus and the language vocabulary has to be learned through the content. The theory behind CLIL is to use a foreign language as the instruction tool therefore to complementary subjects learning.

However, developing and teaching a CLIL lesson can be very intimidating, overwhelming and confusing, therefore joining this GROW programme, we will support you to develop the CLIL teaching strategy, also you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers to develop lesson plans, and that means learning from each other.

By expanding the knowledge available to your students, you are also expanding your own skills and knowledge. It will be a very rewarding learning journey for you and your students.


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