Programme Dates

GROW 1 - Flipped Learning in the Language Classroom

Workshop 1

Why flip? + Ellis, ICLT & Inquiry in the flipped classroom

Frid 28 February


Workshop 2

Planning for Flipped Learning

Weds 1 April

3.45-5pm - Online

Workshop 3

Flipped Focus Day

Tues 5 May


Workshop 4 

Taking Flipped Learning to the next level

Weds 5 August

3.45-5pm - Online

Workshop 5 

FLGI Magazine Choice Board

September Holidays


Workshop 6 

Inquiry Presentations

Weds 18 November

3.45-5pm - Online

This GROW programme is available to any teacher (primary and secondary) wanting to flip their language class. New or experienced flippers. 

Flipped Learning is a proven teaching strategy that allows teachers to spend more class time on higher-level thinking activities.

In a language class this means more time for the students to use and practise the target language rather than spending valuable class time on lower-level tasks such as vocabulary and grammar learning.

This lower-level learning is delivered in the individual space, whether it is a video set for homework or watched individually during class or study time. Flipped learning opens up the doors for differentiation like never before.

Meet the students where they are at every single lesson and build stronger relationships which will improve outcomes for all!

During this programme you will learn best practice for Flipped Learning and be supported to create your own flipped videos and lessons.  


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