Can I apply for the Immersion if I am not a registered teacher?

You need to be a NZ registered teacher to apply for an Immersion Programme.

Any level of registration is acceptable.

Can I apply for the Immersion Programme if I don’t teach the language it applies to e.g. Spanish for Spanish Immersion Programme

You will need to be teaching the target language to apply for the Immersion Programme.

Do I stay with a host family?

All immersion programmes have a home stay to some degree though the length of this experience varies for each programme. It is important to remember that cultures can differ in many aspects and host families may live differently to you. Please, approach this situation with a growth mindset and think how your experience in a host family can be transferred to your teaching culture once you are back home.

I don’t live in Auckland, can I apply for the immersion programme?

Immersion opportunities (and all support offered by Future Learning Solutions Centre for Languages) are open to all primary, intermediate and secondary teachers of languages anywhere in New Zealand.

I’m a beginning teacher, can I apply?

Yes. Any teacher who has a registration status with the Education Council can apply for the immersion programmes. Previous engagement with Ministry of Education funded programmes is highly recommended before applying for an immersion programme.

How can I find out more information about your Immersion Programmes and closing dates for applications?

I can’t attend the online orientation programme. Can I still apply for the immersion programme?

Any NZ registered teacher of languages can apply for the immersion programmes. The orientation is compulsory so we would encourage your application only if you can attend the orientation.

Can I request the help and support from National Language Advisers even though I am not a member of any associations?

Yes, as long as you are teaching in New Zealand National Language Advisers are available to help you and provide you with the right resources. Being part of a language association does help to develop your teaching but is not a must to receive National Language Advisers’ support.

Can I be visited by a National Language Adviser?

National Language Advisers will connect with every region in New Zealand and discuss with you teaching and learning. All you need to do is contact us as soon as possible. National Language Advisers deliver workshops, one on one support and in-school observations and discussions. The support is tailored to suit the needs of each teacher.

Can I email my NCEA moderation to National Language Advisers?

National Language Advisers are available to link teachers together if they want to moderate each other however NLAs are not available to moderate or mark their work, NCEA or other.