English Assistantships to Spain

The language and culture assistants programme is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Education devoted to providing scholarships for New Zealand university students (majoring in any subject) and graduates with some knowledge of Spanish. The programme is co-ordinated in collaboration with the New Zealand Ministry of Education through ILEP.

The Spanish Ministry of Education offers a number of positions to New Zealanders as English Language Assistants each school year.

Who can apply?

Candidates must be New Zealand nationals, have a university degree or be in their second or third bachelor’s year at the end of the relevant academic year and be native speakers of English. The Assistants will have the opportunity to teach English in Spain in primary, secondary and language schools for a full academic year, from October to May/June in Spain, although there are a few positions that start in January.

More information

For more information on becoming an English Language Assistant in Spain, please contact spanish@ilep.ac.nz or asesoria.nz@mecd.es