The Japan Foundation Sydney Seminars

ILEP, in partnership with the Japan Foundation, offers places for New Zealand school teachers of Japanese to attend a 3½ day Japanese Intensive Seminar held at the Japan Foundation's Language Centre in Sydney.

This Seminar will enable teachers to develop language skills, gain confidence using Japanese and to develop language teaching strategies and skills that they can apply in their own classrooms.  Specific focus includes intercultural language learning (ILL), language skills, Japanese culture for classroom activities and ICT-based learning.  Participants will be immersed in a Japanese language environment suited to their level and will have ample opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and resources.


This course is aimed at currently-working New Zealand school teachers teaching any year level(s) from Years 7-10.  All New Zealand teachers of Japanese who meet the following criteria are invited to apply:

  • Non-native speakers of Japanese
  • Currently teaching Japanese or beginning teaching in the following year
  • Able to read and write hiragana and katakana
  • A language proficiency at least equivalent to JLPT N5 or above. (If you are unsure of your JLPT level, you can check the JLPT site:
  • Teaching a minimum of 4 hours of Japanese language per week
  • Have not attended any JPF Sydney Intensive Seminary within the past three years.

Preference will be given to those who are engaged in ongoing professional development.

Programme Dates & Applications

The next seminars will take place from 16th - 19th January 2017
Application Deadline: 18th November 2016

See the programme flyer here.

To apply, please download and complete the following documents:

Please return the above to Jennifer Thomson Intercultural Programmes Coordinator:

For more information about the programme, contact Akiko Harada, National Adviser for Japanese:
or see the Japan Foundation website.


A Teacher's Experience

Paula Kaspar

Hereworth School

Japan Foundation Sydney Seminar

Read about Paula's experience here

Further feedback from participants

"This was without a doubt the best language PD that I have ever had.  It was engaging, informative, useful and highly motivating.  The range of tasks types was excellent and the balance between sessions that improved our own language capability and those such as the ‘resource sharing’ and ‘Kinokuniya Book Store’ sessions that enabled us to share and develop teaching ideas was perfect.  I came back to New Zealand excited about teaching and hungry to learn more!  The whole process was smooth from start to finish."

- A teacher from Upper Hutt.

"My linguistic knowledge of Japanese certainly has improved from this seminar. Prior to this seminar, I would have been hesitant in giving a prepared presentation on familiar topics, however I had many opportunities to improve my skills. Now, after this seminar, I am able to give a clear, well-structured, prepared presentation of a complex subject without being hesitant too much." 

- A teacher from Auckland.

"I felt that this is one of the most valuable professional development opportunities I have had in my 13 year teaching career.  The sessions provided by the Japan Foundation were always relevant, challenging and enhancing our Japanese language skills.  They were interesting and completely relevant to what we teach in the classroom.  The resources we were introduced to / given are all easily incorporated into our classroom teaching and broadened our knowledge on topics we may have already been aware of or opened our eyes to new topics."

- A teacher from Christchurch.