Engagement with PLD Pathways



Nicola Corser started her pathway journey for languages in 2016 by enrolling on the Introduction to Language Teaching Programme run by the ILEP Teacher Development Adviser. As a newly qualified teacher, Nicola has sought support from ILEP in teaching a language that she had little prior knowledge of. The programme has guided her, connected her with peers to exchange ideas with and grown her confidence.

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Hayley Johns is an experienced teacher at Primary and Secondary level and has actively taken up opportunities to teach German in the schools she has worked at. With this, she has sought to continuously improve by up-skilling her German language knowledge, reflecting on her practice and focusing on language teaching pedagogy. The Language Teaching Consolidation Programme has given her the right framework to be able to do this.

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St Heliers School, a full primary school in the Eastern Bays, is one example of a school creating a sustainable language learning programme by utilising pathway programmes provided by ILEP. The school’s vision is to offer a language to all year 5-8 students through the classroom teacher. As a result, teachers are actively involved in numerous components of available curriculum support through ILEP: Several teachers are part of the cluster-based introduction to language teaching programme, the school hosts and uses a language assistant in support of language teaching, teachers are participating in scholarship programmes and teachers share their knowledge with others in workshops.

We are extremely pleased with the support offered by ILEP. When we were thinking of introducing Chinese into our school we had limited knowledge and experience on staff of second language teaching. Being able to utilise the multi-faceted support through ILEP and the expert personnel has meant we are well underway in being able to build a sustainable language learning programme.“

- Craig McCarthny, Principal of St Heliers School.