At this pathway stage, ILEP gives experienced language teachers ongoing support to further their knowledge and abilities whilst creating a portfolio suitable for appraisals. The structured programme, see below, involves cluster-based networking opportunities focusing on practical support and pedagogy. Teachers are also encouraged to further their cultural knowledge through the National Language Advisers, apply for Language Assistants and participate in workshops with the wider language teaching community.


Language Teaching Consolidation Programme

The Language Teaching Consolidation Programme is ideal for teachers who have recently completed a professional development programme and who would like ongoing support. The programme is also suitable for teachers who participated in professional development some time ago and are now interested in reconnecting with the pedagogy and getting new ideas for language teaching.

The programme aims to support teachers’ ongoing development as language teachers, to further the knowledge they have gained from previous professional development programmes and to encourage them to trial new ideas and concepts while exchanging resources and experiences with fellow participants. The programme provides an ideal opportunity for teachers to establish lasting networks for long-term peer support.

The programme includes ongoing support over three school terms through personalised cluster groups tailored to language levels and expertise and/or location. The workshops showcase examples for language teaching and highlight particular aspects of interest to the group. An experienced ILEP facilitator provides regular, monthly one-to-one support sessions for teacher's language learning. The structured peer support programme offers feedback and collaboration whilst classroom visits provide individual feedback and support for lesson planning. Structured language teaching is subsidised and encouraged in this programme.

The programme will run over three terms with an initial full-day workshop at the beginning followed by two half-day or after school workshops. Participants will be visited in their classrooms once and will meet and work with peers on guided tasks between workshops. Face-to-face and distance networking and resource sharing opportunities are part of the programme. At the end of the programme, participants will present their teaching as inquiry projects to each other and submit it to ILEP, which will be part of a portfolio suitable for teacher appraisal.

Teachers on the Language Teaching Consolidation Programme will make a commitment to attend cluster meetings and to participate in sharing workshops both face-to-face and online over three terms. To get the most out of this programme, teachers will need an enquiring mind, a willingness to participate, and a commitment to implementing what they have learnt back into their school.


For more information please contact the programme facilitator:

Belinda Sydenham
Teacher Development Adviser

Phone: 09 623 8899 ext 48552
Mobile: 027 547 1951


A Teacher's Experience

Hayley Johns
Villa Maria School

Language Teaching Consolidation programme 2016

Read about Hayley's experience.

Programme Information Sheet