Other/All languages

ILEP provides pedagogical support for a range of international languages. The curriculum support programmes run by Teacher Development Adviser, are not language-specific and can be adapted and tailored to your needs.

Please contact Belinda Sydenham, Teacher Development Adviser, on 09 623 8899 ext 48552 or b.sydenham@auckland.ac.nz for more information.

There are also a variety of resources available for language teachers:

Learning Languages Community (Ministry of Education)

This is your portal to Professional Learning Opportunities, Professional Support for the New Zealand Curriculum, Pedagogy, Assessment, Resources and Key Links.

New Zealand Curriculum Guides for Senior Secondary (Ministry of Education)

These guides provide teachers with the key concepts and principles of language teaching as well as support and resources for NCEA.


For Pasifika languages, please see:

Pasifika education community

The Ministry of Education website devoted to Pasifika education.

Studyit: NCEA Pasifika

Assistance for Pasifika students