Teaching Resources created by Language Assistants

These resources were created and provided by Language Assistants from previous years during their time working in New Zealand schools. If you would like guidance on how to best use these resources in your classroom, contact the National Advisers for support.

French Resource Bank

Les Voyages Tourism Dictation  Classroom Commands  Memory Passé Composé 'Avoir'  Les Cafés en France 
 Practice Verbs Le Loup Garou  Discrimination  Le Futur Simple  Explication Côte d'Ivoire
 Town map - directions  Quiz Goûter  Les Sports Extrêmes  La Familie  Dans ma maison il y a...
 La Première Guerre Mondiale  Compréhension orale - Les Vacances  Texte à Trous  Pâques  Titres Presses
Tongue Twisters
 Match Cards Subjonctif  Sports in France  L’Arbre Généalogique
Le Sport en France
 Le Cinema Francais  La Nourriture  Débat  Presse

 Spanish Resource Bank

Actividad - Buscar Empleo       Barcelona                                              Classroom Objects
 Board Game
Manolito Gafotas                   Semana Santa       

 Mi casa
Role play - Describing animals       Flashcards - Tiempo Libre          

 German Resource Bank

 Coming soon...



Lesson planning tips from previous Language Assistants' experiences:

• Online tools such as Prezi and Blendspace help you to create interactive digital aids for your class such as quizzes, charts, storytelling

• To practice your French live, you can join the “petit-déjeuners du samedi” at l’Alliance Française on Saturdays from 10am, where you get to speak French and eat pastries.

• Use music to engage students and help them remember key vocabulary. Of course, youtube is full of videos you can use, and lyricstraining.com is a great tool for learning languages through songs

• Play games! You can be very creative and adapt lots of material to various levels

• Set up email/video call exchanges with schools from your home country

• Turn class activities into competitions

• Teach communicative phrases used in everyday situations such as "how would you react if..."

• Dictation and memorization task, ask students to remember and write on the board

• Create student videos of songs, acting, exchanges

• Do online grocery for authentic language use

• French verb conjugator "leconjugueur"

• Mime actions and get the class to guess in the target language. This can be done in groups

• Get the class to reflect on why they are learning a language and why it is important