Foreign Language Assistant Programme

Language Assistants are a fantastic addition to the foreign language classroom. They arrive in New Zealand from France, Germany and Spain at the start of each year, bringing up-to-date cultural knowledge, authentic language and tonnes of enthusiasm for teaching to give to your classroom. 

The programme is designed to improve teacher capability and lift student achievement, so Language Assistants are inducted specifically in the New Zealand curriculum and are guided to set goals and work towards specific outcomes in conjunction with your school.

The 2017 cohort of Language Assistants arrived in New Zealand in late January/early February and are now assisting language teachers across the country.

Apply for Language Assistants

If you are a teacher or principal interested in bringing a foreign language assistant to your school for a subsidised cost, please visit this page for more information.

Become a Language Assistant

If you are interested in becoming a Language Assistant in New Zealand, please visit this page for more information.


Email: Jennifer Thomson, Intercultural Programmes Coordinator:


Programme Feedback

"They are a fantastic resource in every way – students love interacting with LAs and find their presence in the classroom motivating and encouraging."

Read about the experiences of participating schools

"Beside regular conversation practice, sometimes the students need help with or supervision of their writing, at other times facts about Germany and German culture are discussed..."

Read about the programme from the perspective of the Foreign Language Assistants