Support for ALLiS-funded schools


Our ALLiS team offers:

  • Personalised and strategic guidance to your leadership team and ALLiS coordinators regarding the implementation of sustainable language learning programmes
  • Workshops for ALLiS Coordinators to support their scope and sequence and with planning achievable outcomes in their clusters
  • Tailored workshops for teachers, schools and clusters to cater to specific pedagogical, linguistic and cultural needs
  • Online platforms so that school clusters, coordinators and teachers can connect, obtain remote support, develop resources, and view webinars
  • Experts in Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean to advise on linguistic, cultural and pedagogical themes
  • Scholarship opportunities abroad and strutured professional development programmes

Read the ALLiS flyer for more information.

Online Moodle Platform for ALLiS

ILEP have set up an online platform on Moodle, a central space where you can access helpful materials, ask our expert team questions, discuss topics with your peers, share resources and find out about scheduled events, workshops and webinars...

To access the online platform, send an email to with your name, school, position and email address and we will generate you a username and password.

Once you have these details, follow this link to log into the Moodle page.

See an article in the Education Gazette about ALLiS funding in schools. 

"The start of an exciting journey: New Zealand Schools and ALLiS"


An ALLiS Coordinator's Experience

Hear from Elizabeth Couchman, Coordinator of the Kapiti Coast ALLiS cluster and how their Asian language programmes are coming along. Read here.


Meet the team

    Morgan Patterson
    Pathway Manager

    mobile: 027 200 2601

    Juliet Kennedy

    Teacher Development Adviser

    mobile: 027 836 4895


    Madlen Kunath

    Teacher Development Adviser -
    ALLiS & Internet Learning

    mobile: 027 836 0286

    Hyun-Joo Kim

    Korean Language Mentor

    mobile: 027 558 7938


    Dr Julie Zhu

    Teacher Development Adviser

    mobile: 027 558 6901